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 The web site is a great addition to our club, and a creative way to communicate all things photography, not only to our active members but to the entire Pelican Cove Community.  Please visit often as there will continually be something new to see and read about. We welcome your thoughts and hope you will share your photos with us, whether a fun shot of your back yard barbecue, or from your travel adventures around the world!

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October, 2014

The overgrown jungle along Vamo Road has vanished. Those returning to the Cove will be shocked to see the view along Vamo Road, from Route 41 to Bay Village, which includes the view opposite our entrance. The wall of weeds and vines has been cleared, and will eventually be replaced with new trees and foliage.  Hopefully this will happen soon. The photo below shows a glimpse of what we now see as we exit Pelican Cove. To the right of this, the rear of a large building and loading dock are also exposed. It is quite a dramatic difference.  * UPDATE ... Planting is finally under way, and it's Holiday time at the Cove!


 Our season has officially begun.  Ready, Set, and we're off!  If you're looking for us, well, we'll have our people call your people.  No time to answer the phone.


The flurry of stimulating activity continues!  Our club membership now stands at 84 members.  Presentations, Lab sessions, Show, Share, and Learn, and Field Trips continue full steam ahead. Our photography exhibition, "My Home Town", was a complete success, and enjoyed by the entire Pelican Cove community. The club is a shining star, and enjoying our best season ever!